Learning Tastes Great

Part education, part entertainment, entirely delicious—my Workshops, Classes, and Courses are such fun. Best of all, you'll always go home with delicious sweet treats! They keep for 2 to 3 weeks, yet they often don't even last 2 to 3 days. Enjoy them yourself, or surprise people at the next get-together by taking beautiful chocolate goodies. And then shock everyone by revealing who made everything!

I love seeing the look on each student's face when they see their creations. There's an amazing feeling that comes from doing something yourself, and my passion is to give that feeling to others. Working with chocolate enables me to share some pretty special knowledge with everyone and anyone—a few kids have participated in the workshop, and I've taught classes just for kids!

What's the ultimate private party or corporate team-building event? Book your own Workshop or Class and I'll bring the chocolatey edutainment to you! Whether for family & friends or coworkers, all will have a blast and thank you repeatedly for hosting such a memorable event! Contact me to talk about what's possible and when—I'd love to share what I do with your group.