Design Videos for Classwork


Check back daily for more videos and please send me pictures of your work. I will be contacting you individually to arrange facetime chats and for answering questions. I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!



 Rainbow Chocolate




 I call this the scribble technique. Using a dotting tool is my favorite and you can find them in the beauty section, often used for fingernail designs, but on as well. You can also use the backside of a paintbrush as long as it's smooth or any other tip that isn't sharp where it might scratch your molds. 





Ok, so here's another way to make designs, I guess we can call this one Coloring in the Lines. If you wish to use white chocolate as I did, but want it another color, just use some oil based color or some of your colored cocoa butter or even some luster dust to change it.